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UAL Digital Think Tank


As regular readers will know, in my role as a governor I’ve been helping UAL to be more digital and working out what that means for them. We’ve just held the first meeting of the UAL DIgital Think Tank. It’s a group of people convened to look at the overall approach to digital at UAL.

It’s a small group, moving quickly and will report back in July. It’s the first step in a long journey. More news here as it happens, but meanwhile here’s more detail from Nigel Carrington the Vice Chancellor.



Ben Terrett will chair a Digital Thinktank which considers our overall approach to Digital in the contexts of publishing; digital services; and learning and teaching.

The Digital Thinktank will comprise a core Steering Group of Ben Terrett, Jim Nottingham, Edward Venning, Frances Corner and Fred Deakin. Kerry Sullivan will act as Secretary of the Thinktank and provide logistical support to the Steering Group.

The steering group will scope the project and ensure delivery.

The Steering Group will meet as soon as possible to scope a timetable and methodology for the gathering and review of data and an agreed programme of deliverables to be launched in September 2015. The deliverables will consist of short actionable projects (including a UAL-wide coding club) which will be designed to test ideas with a view to developing a broad digital strategy for UAL over the course of the coming academic year.

The Thinktank will include the Steering Group plus, initially, Marcus Saunders (LCF), Ben Stopher (LCC), Rebecca Ross (CSM), Chris Fellows (CCW), David White (CLTAD), Dani Salvadori (Enterprise) and Helen Anderson (Recruitment). This initial Group will identify other potential staff members and student members.

The Thinktank will operate in an open and transparent manner (including via a blog) and members of the Thinktank will engage with end users – students and colleagues across the University.

The Steering Group will report to Executive Board on its proposed deliverables no later than September 2015. The drafting of the report of the Thinktank will be led by Ben Terrett, Jim Nottingham and Edward Venning with assistance from Kerry Sullivan.

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  1. richard kelly
    Posted June 1, 2015 at 12:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi Ben,

    just for reference we have dipped a toe in the water this year in LCF, we ran intro to arduino and advanced sessions to over 45 staff and similar numbers of students. We intend to have our own making/coding club for staff as there was a lot of interest and are looking into how to develop things for students. We also have 4 interns from Queen mary university with us this summer working on technlogy for fasion shows and embedded technology in jewellry and handbags. My colleague Marcus may have mentioned some of the above – I am techniocal services managert here in LCF lime grove.

    let me know if you need any more info, thanks richard.

    • Posted June 3, 2015 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

      That’s great to hear Richard. I’m speaking to Marcus regularly.

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