understanding: the internet

Three good speeches from the last six months. Mike Bracken to the policy profession – you need to understand the Internet better. Emily Bell to journalists – you need to understand the Internet better. Martha Lane Fox to everyone – you need to understand the Internet better. I wonder what the education version would say. I wonder who woud make it.

coffee: david white

I had coffee the other day with David White. He’s Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at UAL. We met in the cafe part of the UAL / LCF Holborn site, pictured above. Everyone I’ve met at UAL I’ve insisted on meeting at a UAL site and having coffee inside. This has been met with some surprise… Continue reading coffee: david white

creativity: business

Last night I went to launch of the UAL LCF Fashion Business School. I only took one picture and that was the view from the venue. I’ve always advocated designers should learn about business, particularly how to run one, as most designers end up doing that. Who’s your favourite designer? I bet they run their own business.… Continue reading creativity: business

dummies: in the lift

I popped into UAL HQ in Holborn this week. I met these people in the lift. They were on their way to an event at CSM on Sunday. Sadly, I can’t remember which one but there’s a list here.