students: meet governors

Last night I met some students with three of my fellow governors, Andrea, Diana and Sim. As governors we felt that we didn’t fully understand the students perspective because we rarely get to meet them. So we organised an inform get together in the CSM bar. The students were great and told us lots about their… Continue reading students: meet governors

savage: beauty

I saw the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A the other day. He was a CSM, UAL grad taught by the brilliant Louise Wilson. Which reminded me of the incredible heritage this university has. I wrote more on my other blog.

lcc: digital design lunch

I popped to LCC today, where they had organised a small lunchtime thing for to see what they are doing in the School of Design. Fred Deakin and others were there together with some students. It’s good to have students at these things. Governors don’t get to meet students enough. The School of Design are doing lots of… Continue reading lcc: digital design lunch

visiting: collabology

I visited Collabology last week. Collabology is an experiment at bringing together students from different colleges (not just UAL) and different locations to work on realistic briefs. Organised by Fred Deakin UAL Chair of Interactive Digital Art. There’s a pitch style presentation at the end of the week long course which I sadly couldn’t make… Continue reading visiting: collabology