discovering the post-digital art school: fred deakin’s report

Free Deakin's digital in art schools report

Last night I attended the launch of Fred Deakin’s reportĀ Discovering the Post-Digital Art School. It’s available here as a PDF. (Fred, it should be in html somewhere šŸ™‚ )

I’ve writtenĀ before about Fred’s Collabology project, it’s aĀ great way to use digital in an art school. It points a way forward that is more interesting and more likely to succeed than the current conversations about MOOCs in education. The picture above shows the designer of the report Skyping into the launch from China. This type of interaction is central to Fred’s workshops.

It is a good report.

In particular, there are three recommendations I strongly agree with:

1. Embrace agile practices (e.g. sprints and rapid prototyping) to develop a new pedagogy.

2. Publish openly online wherever possible.

3. Partner with students to develop new pedagogy and services.

We should do all of those, straight away.


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